Additional monetization opportunities


Synchronization is the process of matching and combining music with motion pictures, such as in movies, television, advertisements, trailers, and video games. In recent years, syncing has become an integral part of the promotion and earnings of artists and creators.
Our team directly interacts with leading music supervisors and production companies in the local and global markets. In addition, we have developed a music portal for our copyright holders where video content creators can quickly search for songs that match their needs.


If your song is played in public places, on radio or on television, then we can collect royalties for you from the collective management societies of RAO, WIPO and RSP. We work directly with societies, register rights on your behalf, receive royalties and generate detailed reports for you on a quarterly basis.

Product Placement

Working with brands and advertising products has become an integral part of the earnings of many artists and is only gaining popularity every year. We work directly with many brands and top agencies and select suitable products for native integration into clips, social networks and artists’ concerts.