Convenient distribution interface

The most simple, convenient, intuitive interface for work. Personal account allows you to quickly manage your content. You can work with releases that:

  • Shipped to storefronts and distributed at the moment;
  • They are currently being filled in (drafts);
  • They are being checked by a moderator before being shipped to storefronts;
  • Rejected by the moderator for any reason;
  • Sent by you for removal from storefronts

The copyright owner’s account allows you to create a new album, send a previously shipped album for editing, create a copy of a previously shipped album, send an album for deletion from storefronts.

You can view the tops for various storefronts and your content that is included in the tops of storefronts.
The Analytics section shows information about sales and listening to your content.
There is a special “Landing” service for creating promo pages for the album in your account. On the page, you can place links to all the storefronts where the album can be purchased or listened to.

In the “Reporting” section, you can download financial reports on content.
In the “news” section, we share operational information on the development of the service with our partners.

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We have simplified the process of downloading the album as much as possible. After clicking on “Add album”, you will be taken to a user-friendly interface where you can add all the necessary data on one page – upload tracks, upload a cover file, and enter meta information for tracks and albums. All sections are provided with hints.

After the album passes the moderation check, you can see the process of uploading the album to the storefronts. After opening the album, sales and listening data appear in the Analytics section of the storefronts. You can see in which territories tracks are most popular, which category of users listens to content, and see the dynamics of listening by date. All data can be downloaded in xls format.

Deliver your music to all digital music services around the world: Fast, Comfortable, Transparent, Efficient.

Releases management

Convenient and fast management of your catalog. Make changes to your releases online, edit and add new storefronts and territories, and get notifications about all changes.

Releases creating

A user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly deliver your content in various formats: albums, singles, ringtones, video clips, digital booklets, etc.
Thanks to our expertise and flexible interface, artists can independently configure and edit their releases, including pricing, pre-order, set a schedule for opening certain tracks as part of the pre-order, manage the opening time of releases in certain services, close tracks for separate download, output releases to pre-order that do not have all the songs recorded yet and do not have the final track names.
Ability to upload the entire back catalog.

Content tracking

Tracking the delivery of a release in terms of date and showcases. Use links to your content in its promotion – you will automatically get links to all the leading music services in your interface after your release is delivered to them.

Use the landing page tool – one release link to all key services
User-friendly interface for monitoring the presence of content on key storefronts with the ability to get information on all releases on all storefronts.

Convenient Analytics and statistics tools

Track streaming and sales of your content from leading music platforms.
Use the Analytics tool to monitor sales and listen to your content in the context of various parameters: the playlist that uses your song, the age and gender of the subscriber, the country and city where your music is listened to, the types of devices that play your music, and much more.
Generate reports on your content on a daily and monthly basis.

Charts monitoring

Check out the latest charts from leading music services and track your releases in the music service charts.