How to start working with you, do we need to sign an agreement? What are the legal and financial aspects?

A licensing agreement is signed with all partners, based on which the partners are legally responsible for the rights to the provided content. Each partner is obliged to provide the right supporting documents for the content. Based on the agreement the rightsholders is paid all monies received with exception of our commission. The size of the commission is agreed by the parties before signing the agreement.

How do I upload and manage content?

Content management is carried out through the user account.

What is the difference between publishing (copyright) and master rights (neighbouring rights)?

Publishing rights are the rights to the composition, underlying melody and lyrics. Master rights are the rights to the sound recording, the audio recording of the composition. Neighboring rights are often refer to the performance and the right of the producer of the phonogram.

Will I see streams’ analytics and how often is it updated?

Yes, you will see the analytics in your user account. Data is updated daily. You will be able to see date from different perspectives from: Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Shazam, Yandex Music, SberSvuk, Vkontakte Music and BOOM, Odnoklassniki, Beeline Music, TikTok.

How often will I receive a content usage report? What information does it contain?

We provide financial reports on the usage of your content twice a quarter. You can download the report in your user account in * xlsx or * csv formats, in addition, your report will be provided to you by e-mail. The report form can be found in your user account, and we will always promptly inform you about any changes by email.

How often and on the basis of what do you make the payment?

Payment is made according to the reports that we have provide, once or twice a quarter.  To make a payment, you would need to provide us an invoice. You can send the scanned document by email or use the Diadoc electronic document management system.

Can I upload a track through another distributor and collect publishing royalties through the National Digital Agregator?

Yes, we provide such a service. You would need to provide a content information on the works you would like submit.

Is there a minimum threshold for the amount of remuneration payments?

Yes, according to the amount specified in your contract.

What is an exclusive license?

Exclusive License means any material agreement on can be exclusively used in the ways agreed by the parties only by the named licensee.

How many finished tracks should I have to start working with National Digital Agregator

There is no minimum track requirement.
In each specific case, we discuss the content you offer for distribution and make a decision on partnership, based on various factors. Contact us via the feedback form.

Is it possible to conclude a contract as a self-employed?

Yes of course. We conclude contracts with self-employed persons or simply with individuals.

Is it possible to exchange documents with National Digital Agregator via electronic document management?

Yes, we are connected to the Diadoc electronic document management system www.diadoc.ru

How does Tik Tok monetization work?

TikTok pays royalties for the number of videos created that contain your music. The number of views is not monetized, but you can always see them in the analytics section of your user account.
When content is distributed through TikTok, you are giving hundreds of millions of users permission to use your music in their short videos. National Digital Aggregator will collect usage-based revenue on a quarterly basis. Please note that your music is monetized on TikTok based on every new video create, not on the views of those videos.

When a user creates new video using your music, you receive a prorated share of the monthly TikTok revenue, calculated on the terms set out in the agreement between TikTok and National Digital Aggregator.

How long does moderation usually take?

The average moderation period is 2 business days.

What supporting documents should I provide if I am the author?

If the author places the content created by him alone, the supporting documents are not required.
At the same time, if a legal entity acts on behalf of the author, it is necessary to transfer the rights from the author in favor of the legal entity (license agreement, alienation agreement, etc.).
Also, if the author is registered as an individual entrepreneur, and the entire volume of copyright and related rights to the content belongs to him, legal documents are not required.