Placing background music in public places

The FONMIX service is a hardware and software solution for organizing background music broadcasting in public places.

Currently, the service voices more than 17,000 objects that reach more than 3 million listeners per day. Among the partners of the service are such well-known companies as: Mark & Spencer, Collins, Zolla, Republic, Favorite motors, Ile de Bothe, World Class, Lacoste, Eldorado, Rosinter, Tanuki, Goodman, Crocus international, Korchma, restaurants of Novikov group, Ginza project and many others.

Currently, the service is available in the following countries: Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Cooperation with this service will not only bring additional monetization to copyright holders, but also because of its availability, it can become a serious tool for promoting your catalogs/works.
Separately, we draw your attention to the specifics of this service, which meets the musical needs of various users, so music of any direction will be in demand in it to some extent. The only restriction is a ban on Explicit content.

All delivered content is included in the FONMIX database. This database is accessed by both the FONMIX partner companies that create their own playlists, and the FONMIX music editors.
We are also always open to your suggestions and recommendations for your playlist content.

Delivery time

5 business days


Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan